Taylor Farms, Salinas, Calif., introduced zucchini and yellow squash vegetables noodles as new foodservice product offerings. 

These low-carb, pre-cut spiralized vegetable noodles come individually packaged in a 2/3-pound tray format using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, which allows for national distribution capabilities with a 14-day shelf life.  

“As we continue to see an increase in consumers transitioning vegetables from the side to the center of their plates, we realized the importance in creating entrée options with veggies in mind,” says Tanya Mason, vice president, marketing and new product development. “Spiralized zucchini and yellow squash are wonderful additions to any low-calorie, low-sodium, vegan or gluten-free menus. Our veggie noodles, which can be served hot or cold, are quick to prepare, on trend and a healthy alternative to a traditional pasta option that can be high-calorie and high-carbohydrate.”