Wildeck, Inc., Waukesha, Wis., introduced a new LiftLok safety system to prevent lift operation by untrained or unauthorized personnel.

This basic key switch or 10-key pushbutton digital keypad can be added to any Wildeck mechanical or hydraulically-operated vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC). Two keys are provided with the basic LiftLok keyed system while authorized lift operators can enter a unique 4-digit user/passcode or swipe their pre-programmed proximity credentials tag (key fob) to enable lift operation.

Two administrative level programming codes are included for use by the installer. Once installed, authorized lift operators can be assigned a secure 4-digit user passcode to activate the call/send control station and operate the lift. Although access to the lift is typically assigned to only a few authorized personnel, up to 500-user passcodes can be programmed. This ensures maximum user flexibility, since old user passcodes can be retired/deactivated and new codes assigned as responsibilities or personnel change.


Wildeck, Inc.