Wünder Creamery, New York, introduced Superdairy Quark, a nutrient-rich yogurt line that features probiotics and grass-fed whole milk.

A beloved dairy staple in more than 20 countries across Europe and Central Asia, quark is currently a dairy anomaly in the United States. Think non-tart yogurt meets rich crème fraiche. It is made using grass-fed whole milk, a special blend of cheese cultures from France and a fusion of probiotics.

"We feel that whole milk Wünder Creamery quark captures everything there is to love about this nutrient-rich super dairy," says Kamilya Abilova, co-founder. "High protein, low sugar and probiotics make quark a great option for a balanced diet and give it the status of the staple back home. A tad of healthy fats adds to the mouthfeel and the flavor. It's just one of those uncompromising snacks.”

Wünder Creamery’s quark cups will be available at select retailers beginning spring 2018.

Flavors include Blueberry, Coffee, Vanilla Bean Coconut, Raspberry and Matcha in 5.3-ounce cups and Plain option in a 24-ounce container.