Certified Quality Foods (dba Seafood Analytics), Clinton Township, Mich., introduced Fishboard, a fully integrated electronic fish monitoring device that allows researchers, aquaculture farms, processors, at-sea observers, fishermen and other participants in the seafood industry to quickly and easily measure and store important electronic information about fish.

With Fishboard, users can quickly and easily assess length, weight, health, condition, degradation status and body composition of individual fish. The device displays real-time observation and storage of all measurements. Stored values can be used for comparisons, growth trends, reports and analysis while real-time data can be used for immediate evaluation of individual fish health and growth. GPS, pictures and other data can also be added.

Seafood Analytics, part of the CQ Foods, Inc. family of companies is an advanced technology, implementation and certification company that develops and manufactures analyzers

Certified Quality Foods (dba Seafood Analytics)