Tetra Pak, Vernon Hills, Ill., launched an Extrusion Wheel that produces stick ice cream products with large-sized inclusions, such as whole nuts, real fruit segments or cookie dough chunks at high capacity.

The Tetra Pak Extrusion Wheel, which can be added to existing lines, uses an innovative vertical rotating design that moves continuously at a synchronised speed to produce up to 12,000 products per hour per lane.

The new equipment also reverses the traditional method of stick ice cream production. Rather than inserting the stick into the ice cream at the end of production, it is there from the start, so the ice cream with large inclusions is then filled around it. This maintains the position of the stick as well as the integrity of the inclusions, which can be up to 25mm in diameter. The wheel design includes moulding cavities that also ensure uniform product shapes and a smooth surface every time.


Tetra Pak USA