Tetra Pak, Vernon Hills, Ill., launched what is said to be the highest-capacity extrusion line on the market for large scale production of ice cream sticks and sandwiches.

The new line delivers up to 43,200 pieces per hour and guarantees a uniform product with high stability—due to effective temperature control at every stage—as well as identical thickness. Further along the process, the newly developed dip and transfer unit allows a gentle and precise dipping as well as a careful and error-free lay-off to the wrapper, resulting in minimal product waste.

When the line is running at full capacity, it is said to produce a 60% increase in production achieved without extra manpower and with only 44% more energy.

The line also allows for greater flexibility in switching between ice cream sticks and sandwiches, as well as handling up to four flavors and 12 different coatings without changing equipment.

Tetra Pak US