Bright Foods, Los Angeles, debuted new chilled whole food bars, what are said to be the first of its kind to combine organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and superfoods into a refrigerated snack.

“I tried countless snacks and food hacks over the years that promised to nourish and keep me going throughout the day. But, juices gave a big energy spike, followed by a quick crash. Bars were chock-full of sugar or highly processed. And, eating whole fruits and vegetables just wasn’t practical – sticky hands and leftover peels made it too hard when running from meeting to meeting,” says Brenden Schaefer, founder and CEO. “So, I decided to create the kind of snack I’d always wanted – something that makes it easy to get all the benefits of whole vegetables and fruits, doesn’t require me to scrutinize the label, and most importantly, tastes great.”

Made using high-pressure processing (HPP) technology, every Bright Bar is certified organic and made with whole fruits and vegetables (except for peels and pith) – never from the leftover pulp from juice. Chia, coconut and dried oranges hold the bars together.

These bars come in:

Beet. Red beets, golden raisins, crunchy walnuts and Maca.

Carrot. Carrots, crisp pineapple, creamy cashews, whole turmeric root, probiotics and ginger.

Kale. Whole kale, crisp pineapple, organic almonds and Baobab.

Bright Bars are available in select Whole Foods throughout Southern California.