Litehouse, Inc., Sandpoint, Idaho, brightened up its cheese line with new branding and packaging. The new look for Litehouse Simply Artisan leverages design cues from the recently refreshed core line of Litehouse dressings and dips, including modernized branding, top-down photography, eye popping color and easy-to-read flavor names.

Created with consumers in mind, the design and color palette illustrates the company’s commitment to crafting artisan cheese, and will help the premium domestic cheese brand stand out in-store.

“Litehouse has a proud heritage in hand-crafted artisan cheeses, and the new Simply Artisan design highlights our commitment to creating great tasting and high-quality cheese,” says Krystle Turnbull, brand manager. “The updated branding will create a more consistent look across the Litehouse portfolio, and make it easier than ever for consumers to select the cheese brand they know and love.”

The new packaging spotlights such attributes as handcrafted, aged 100 days and award-winning. The refreshed label also features the new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nutrition facts panel and clearly highlights that all Litehouse Simply Artisan cheeses are rBST free and gluten free.