Evergreen, a female-founded frozen breakfast brand making mornings easier, is unveiling a new brand look alongside new frozen waffle formulations to support their growing brand and lean into their identity as your Breakfast BFF.

Flaunting vibrant colors contrasted with a new white logo, Evergreen’s new and improved brand identity reflects the fun and bright essence of the brand. Bubbly edges and celebratory, bold font to emphasize the brand’s approachability, paired with their warm brand colors, creates the ultimate breakfast combo, inspired by the toasted buttery goodness that is Evergreen. Plus, new flavor names highlight how each waffle was inspired by classic dessert favorites, such as Apple Cinnamon Cobbler, Zucchini Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter Banana Bread.

Reformulated to offer a stronger flavor profile and lighter texture, Evergreen also prioritized adding more fruits, veggies, nuts and spices to its waffles for added health benefits. 

Changes to their lean ingredient list include dropping honey (so children under 1 can eat them), adding avocado oil plus incorporating additional fiber for gut health and protein for sustenance. Focused on enhancing nutrition with real ingredients and products made from scratch, Evergreen is the only frozen waffle with a full serving of fruits and veggies on the market.

On theme with their newest slogan “Wake Up with a Win,” Evergreen’s new brand identity and reformulation is re-imagining breakfast to be fun, colorful and convenient.