Bettcher Industries, Inc., Birmingham, Ohio, introduced Quantum Flex meat trimmers, which are handheld powered trimmers that deliver improved cutting efficiency.

These trimmers allow for fast blade changes and tool reconfiguration, and attach to any Bettcher motor.

The newly designed blade/housing interface enables the tool operating loads to be distributed over more surfaces, even as it lowers the loads applied by the pinion onto the blade and housing-bearing surfaces. The dual bearing surfaces are highly durable, even when operating at higher speeds.

Bettcher’s unique housing construction provides “cam action” to hold the housing open for quick blade access, expanding and contracting the trimmer housing with a simple “twist,” thus ensuring just the right blade fit. The cam action eliminates the challenges associated with an overly loose or tight housing that can lead to improper wear of blades, pinions or the housing itself.

Bettcher Industries, Inc.