PERDUE Farms, Salisbury, Md., introduced a new, modern package design for its line of fresh chicken.

The contemporary design introduces a variety of playful illustrations and vibrant colors aimed to inspire and connect with Millennials, while staying true to the PERDUE way. The redesign also highlights trusted product attributes like no-antibiotics-ever, 100% vegetarian-fed, no animal byproducts, raised cage-free and with no hormones or steroids.

“Fifty years ago, my dad put our family name on chicken. It was more than a label, it was his personal promise of quality,” says Jim Perdue, chairman and brand spokesman. “Over the years, our look has changed, and so have we. Perdue is continually improving everything we do, and that’s why we’re introducing new packaging for our fresh chicken.”

Consumers will begin to see the bright new packaging in stores mid-September.