Kraft Heinz, Pittsburgh, Pa., expanded its Philadelphia brand of cream cheese spread to include the Double Diptector, what is said to be the world’s first smart device made to catch double dippers in the act.

The Double Diptector is a smart device made up of a smart chip and dip bowl that pairs with the Double Diptector App. The smart bowl uses inconspicuous pressure sensors inside an average looking chip and dip bowl. Once the bowl is paired with the Diptector app, it can track and catch if a person double dips. Using chip recognition technology (CRT), the Double Diptector follows every dip and alerts the app user with a loud alarm if someone double dips.

“Holiday parties and gatherings are the perfect time to serve our new Philadelphia dips. However, we know it’s also a time when double dippers are rampant,” says Megan Magnuson, associate marketing director. “That’s why we created the Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector. It will alert partygoers of double dippers, so they can protect their delicious Philadelphia dips and avoid double-dipping mishaps.”

Dip varieties include Jalapeño Cheddar, Southwest Style with Black Bean & Corn and Buffalo Style with Celery made with real vegetables.

Philadelphia dips are available in the refrigerated dips section at retailers nationwide and Amazon Fresh for a suggested retail price of $3.99.