Wildeck, Inc., Waukesha, Wis., introduced the Pallet Drop Zone (DZ) Safety Gate, which is equipped with a double-sided gate, offering maximum protection to workers accessing large pallet loads at elevated levels.

When one side of the DZ gate is raised, the other closes. This feature ensures that the elevated ledge is protected at all times, safeguarding personnel and palletized materials from falls. The DZ gate also utilizes more than one pivot point on the pivoting arms. This results in vertical articulating movement that minimizes overall footprint while maximizing the efficiency of vertical and horizontal storage space. The DZ gate can be customized on all three planes, making it what is said to be one of the most flexible gates on the market.

The DZ gate is balanced both vertically and horizontally for smooth operation. The arm geometry is uniquely designed for single or double pallets up to 72-plus inches high. It can also be installed directly onto rack structures as a rack-mounted installation or by itself as a free-standing unit bolted to the deck. The DZ gate is also designed in compliance with OSHA and Cal-OSHA regulations.

Wildeck, Inc.