CAULIPOWER, Los Angeles, conducted a study to dive into America's love affair with pizza. The survey shares the complex psychology of America's healthy eating choices and their favorite comfort foods.

No surprise that 98% of Americans eat pizza and 54% of pizza-eaters go as far to say those three big words—"I love pizza." Close to 30% of pizza eaters say that pizza is a mealtime staple at least once a week, and 33 million Americans admit they would choose pizza to be their last meal on Earth.

Meanwhile, 63% of respondents would give up extraordinary things to eat pizza as much as they wanted without feeling guilty:

  • 37% would have a social media detox for one year.
  • 17% would throw their smartphones away for one month.
  • 16% would give up sex for a year.

Many Americans think about ghosting their favorite food when considering healthy eating. If Americans want to lose weight or try to eat healthier, 84% would completely rethink their relationship to pizza, while 26% agree that pizza is bad for their health. Meanwhile, nearly half (45%) would simply say bye to pizza.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans would eat more pizza if it was healthier, meaning half the calories (69%), rich in nutrients (45%), having vegetables (31%) or half the sugar (27%).

"The research confirms everything that our delighted customers have been telling us for two years. They love CAULIPOWER because it offers them a healthier and better-for-you version of their favorite food," says Gail Becker, founder and CEO. "No one needs to ditch pizza. You can literally have your pie and eat it too.”

The CAULIPOWER Pizza Survey was fielded Jan. 28-30 among 1,002 nationally represented Americans aged 18 and up via an online survey by Kelton Global, Chicago.