Agr International, Inc., Butler, Pa., created the Agr Process Performance and Optimization Group, a new division specifically designed to provide PET bottle self-manufacturers with a go-to resource to help overcome some of the everyday challenges in producing their own bottles.

The Agr Process Performance and Optimization Group not only focuses on the blowmolder, but also goes beyond to understand issues affecting the efficiency of the entire production line and provides whole plant assistance in operations that have different blowmolder brands in the same facility.

The services of the group are offered under the following categories:

  • Blowmolder management and optimization—individual assessment of individual blowing lines.
  • Effective use of basic quality tools for blowmolder management.
  • Optimizing Pilot Profiler and Process Pilot automated tools to manage blowmolder and production quality.
  • Production line auditing and optimization planning.
  • Job-specific services such as recipe design and start-up assistance.

“Our primary mission is to work with our customers to optimize production efficiency, both in terms of blowmolding and total line efficiency,” says Robert Cowden, chief operating officer. “Agr’s consulting professionals work directly with plant personnel to optimize blowmolding and container flow downstream in order to reduce manufacturing costs.”

The Agr Process Performance and Optimization Group is an outgrowth of the Agr Process Pilot automated blowmolder management program, where Agr system engineers encounter many of the issues that traditionally plague PET bottle manufacturers and help to identify a need for this kind of service.