GrubMarket, San Francisco, launched GWholesaler, an enterprise software-as-a-service platform built for food industry suppliers and vendors.

GrubMarket originally built GWholesaler in 2015 for its own wholesale subsidiaries and their customers and suppliers. Now, it’s available to all food industry wholesalers, farmers, distributors, suppliers and vendors nationwide.

The GWholesaler platform combines a user-friendly interface with deep technical capabilities, and provides food suppliers and vendors of all sizes with three key innovative software solutions:

  • Financial management. Seamlessly integrate daily business activity with accounting systems.
  • Inventory and price management. Effectively manage product inventory and pricing with precision accuracy and real-time updates.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM). Build long-lasting relationships with customers via engagement tools and an efficient purchasing platform.

"We have always been keenly focused on developing and leveraging technology to improve multiple facets of the food industry,” says Mike Xu, chief executive officer. “We had recently identified a big opportunity to create a paradigm-shifting software suite for food industry suppliers and vendors, and we are thrilled to launch our GWholesaler platform for them."