Borden, Dallas, Texas, announced a new look, still based around Elsie, Borden's spokescow.

Elsie's new, more modern appearance can be seen across the company's marketing channels and will be on product packaging in dairy aisles throughout the southeastern United States this summer.  

"Despite not having made marketing investments in recent years, the Borden brand still holds a lot of equity, driven by over 150 years of dairy leadership," says Joe DePetrillo, chief marketing officer. “Elsie remains a beloved and iconic representation of this proud heritage with people of all generations. For these reasons, we wanted our brand refresh to be evolutionary in nature rather than revolutionary. We were mindful to respect the familiarity and trust Elsie has earned, while ensuring that our brand stays relevant to today's consumer."

Part of Elsie's re-introduction involves a new marketing campaign with the tagline "Glass Half-Full Since 1857," highlighting the "pure joy" and optimism of Borden products.

"Our research showed that Elsie represents pure joy and optimism for American families, which we are harnessing as key drivers in all marketing initiatives in 2019," says DePetrillo.

Borden partnered with BrandCory, Dallas, Texas, on its logo refresh and with Curiosity Advertising, Cincinnati, for its marketing strategy and plan.

"Borden has a rich history spanning many decades and filled with both victories and lessons learned," says Tony Sarsam, chief executive officer. "When it comes to our future, the people of Borden have a 'glass half-full' outlook. We are passionate and ready to bring innovation and pure joy to milk lovers everywhere."