Atlas Copco, Acworth, Ga., debuted the NGMs 1–3 membrane technology unit, a highly efficient, compact, on-site solution for low-flow N2 requirements.

The NGMs generators boast an extremely fast start-up time, taking only a few seconds to produce nitrogen at the outlet, resulting in maximum uptime assurance and continuous availability of nitrogen 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, the generator offers zero performance loss at high ambient temperatures and very low service requirements.

The NGMs generator units consist of one or multiple high-performance membrane modules that are combined to achieve the nominal inlet flow, ensuring the maximum output of compressed nitrogen for the minimum input of compressed air in a wide range of operating conditions.

Dry compressed inlet air is separated into component gases by passing it through semi-permeable membranes consisting of bundles of small individual hollow fibers packed into a limited space. This provides a very large membrane surface area to produce a relatively high-volume product stream. As water vapor also permeates through the membrane, the nitrogen gas stream is very dry, with dewpoints as low as -58°F.

In order to allow continuous operation, the nitrogen generators are equipped with a 2-stage premium pre-filtration system to ensure an inlet air quality of [1:-:1] according to ISO 8573-1:2010. This eliminates the risk of the membrane being damaged by a low-quality compressed air supply, a poor start-up or an unexpected shutdown.

The generators are supplied as an all-in-one, integrated package complete with filters, with an optional oxygen sensor. Fitted with pressure gauges to ensure accurate system monitoring at all times, the ready-to-use units are housed in a fully enclosed protective canopy. Other optional features include an oxygen sensor and an economizer valve set, which uses two differential pressure valves to cut off the nitrogen supply to avoid wasting power.

Atlas Copco North America