Cargill, Minneapolis, is expanding its protein production capacity in Chuzhou, Anhui, China, with a $48.8 million investment in a production plant. The facility will bring 600 new jobs to the area.

Cargill’s integrated poultry production facility covers every stage of the poultry supply chain, including chicken breeding, raising, feed production, hatching, primary and further production. 

This facility is equipped with two fully cooked protein production lines to produce 32,000 tons chicken and other protein products every year. Through globally advanced production equipment and technology, the new facility will increase the production speed up to 30%, enabling Cargill’s protein business to better meet the needs of domestic customers. Simultaneously, it will have the ability to export cooked protein to global customers.

“Cargill is a friend of China, and we are committed to developing the Chinese economy and the economies of local communities. This new investment will help Chuzhou and local farmers prosper as they work with us to deliver protein to tables of the world,” says Marcel Smits, chairman of Cargill Asia Pacific. “Our commitment to China is demonstrated not only through our 40-year presence, but also by Cargill’s business announcements this year, including the opening of a Cargill Beauty APAC Lab in Shanghai, a Yichun animal nutrition plant, the corn production facility in Songyuan, and now, Chuzhou.”