Kite Hill, Hayward, Calif., debuted new “Everything”-flavored vegan cream cheese, available in Everything, a blend of sesame and poppy seed, garlic and onion, and Strawberry varieties, as well as a Strawberry kind. Both are sold at select retailers, including Whole Foods, with the Strawberry kind will be available in August.

“Consumer demand for plant-based vegan products is growing at a dizzying pace, and it has always been our mission to be the company that sets the standard for what delicious plant-based vegan products should look like, feel like and taste like,” says Rob Leibowitz, chief executive officer. “All of us at Kite Hill spend our time and energy developing inventive and creative ways to craft great-tasting plant-based options for consumers looking for irresistible foods that they can feel great about eating and serving. Our bold new look also provides a great opportunity to more closely link the brand’s graphic design to this overall mission. Our final design leverages a brighter background color with eye popping and irresistible food photography that is sure to appeal to Kite Hill’s current and new fan base.”

Kite Hill also added a new product platform to its line of artisan filled pastas. Almond Milk Ricotta-filled Tortellini is made with Almond Milk Ricotta Cheese, and is a ready-to-cook pasta that can be prepared in minutes.

Kite Hill’s new French Onion and Ranch-flavored dips are plant-based and dairy-free, and are sold at Whole Foods nationwide.

The new single-serve Raspberry yogurt now comes in new multi-serve packaging (5.3 ounces and 32 ounces). And the Plain Unsweetened European-style yogurt is traditionally cultured, is soy and dairy free and is available at retailers, including Whole Foods Markets and Target, nationwide.

Kite Hill also unveiled a bold new look, led by Makefire Creative, San Francisco, complete with a new logo and eye-catching and easy-to-shop packaging design across all products.

“The new design channels the ingenuity, imagination and passionate thinking that the brand continues to bring to life, pushing the boundaries of what's possible,” says Shannon Toyos, senior vice president of marketing. “The comprehensive graphic update is certain to inspire those with a modern lifestyle looking for creative, delicious solutions to traditional dairy products.”