Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., built a stainless-steel constructed 2:1 vertical merge conveyor designed to transport individual bags of frozen food.

The bags discharge randomly from both a primary and secondary bagger onto two 90-degree curve incline conveyors built at different elevations, then ultimately merge onto a single conveyor line.

Three servo-driven metering belt conveyors are placed prior to the merge. The bags detected on the top conveyor "inject" into the gaps on the bottom conveyor with assistance of vacuum-metered belting prior to the merge.

Individual baggers deposit on both lines at pre-determined speeds, providing minimum gaps between product to complete the vertical merge.

The bag merge gap incorporates standalone electrical controls, servos, sensing logic, VFDs, Rockwell Automation Panelview Plus, Allen-Bradley processor and two remote e-stops. Bags may occasionally contact each other, but will exit the combined conveyor with no gap.

The system transports over 100 bags per minute at 220 feet per minute and 100% accumulation.