Noluma International, LLC, Wilmington, Del., announced a new partnership with Honest Dairy, a Guongzhou, Hong Kong-based yogurt producer, to certify its Body Knows probiotic yogurt for the capacity of its packaging to prevent damage caused by light exposure. Body Knows is said to be the first functional yogurt product in China with light protected packaging that protects dairy’s nutrients and taste, while extending the product’s shelf life from 18 to 21 days.

Retail and other indoor lights such as fluorescents and LEDs can degrade vitamins and nutrients in milk, as well as its freshness, overall quality and taste, in as little as an hour, according to research conducted by Noluma.

“Honest strives to source the highest quality ingredients, minimize additives and provide overall healthier dairy options to consumers,” says Xia Haitong founder of Honest Dairy. “Together, with Noluma’s light protected technology, we are now delivering the highest quality yogurt to Chinese consumers. When they see the Noluma logo, they’ll know that they’re buying a product that promises freshness, nutritional qualities and improved taste, along with all the benefits of LGG probiotics.”

“In a world where consumers increasingly expect more from the brands they trust, Noluma certification promises that the products they love maintain their quality over time,” says Divya Chopra, president and CEO of Noluma. “Noluma is proud to partner with Honest to raise awareness in China around the impact of light exposure, and provide the market with technology-based solutions that can help FMCG companies build consumer trust and loyalty.”

Noluma debuted the state-of-the-art, patented technology in 2018 to measure and assess packaging’s ability to protect contents within from light degradation. Noluma scientists use a known marker ingredient in the contents of a test package, exposing it to intense light that replicates two weeks of exposure in just two hours. This testing allows manufacturers to better understand the vulnerabilities of their packaging and work with Noluma to design, and ultimately certify, packaging that offers total light block, protecting the content’s nutrients, taste and efficacy, often while extending the shelf life.

The Noluma-certified, light-protected yogurt is now available for purchase at China-based e-commerce channels.