Simple Feast, Denmark, raised a substantial investment from a combination of U.S. and European funds in its recent Series B. The funds will support the company’s continued focus on food innovation to fight climate change.

The company raised $33 million in a Series B round led by 14W, Washington, D.C., with a number of other existing investors, including Balderton Capital, UK.

“The future of food does not just belong to plants, but will be both plant-based and unprocessed. This movement is pivotal to save not only our planet, but also human health. With this investment, we can continue our journey and bring our products to more people, in existing as well as new markets, while also strengthening our R&D efforts in new food innovation,” says Jakob Jønck, co-founder and president.

The company is constantly innovating to improve the sustainability of its product, including everything from packaging (made solely by FSC-approved cardboard boxes) to the cooling element used to keep food fresh (frozen tap water in drinkable cartons) to the use of all-organic produce.

“We are in business to drive impact. Helping people transition to a plants-first lifestyle is pivotal to if you want to reverse global warming in the coming decades as well as reversing the explosion in lifestyle-caused diseases. This is why we are in business, and we see great potential in solving for this,” says Jønck.

“Over the past year since first investing in Simple Feast, we have continued to be impressed by the caliber and deep operational experience of the management team that Jakob Jønck has built around him,” says Alex Zubillaga, founder of 14W. “This team has executed on an incredibly high-quality product inspired by a culture of food innovation and sustainability in Copenhagen that we have yet to see elsewhere on the market, and ultimately, we believe Simple Feast has the opportunity to become a global, category-defining brand as they expand to the U.S. early next year."