Lantech, Louisville, Ky., showcased the following packaging equipment:

The RLA is said to be the highest-speed stretch wrapper with auto roll change on the market, producing up to 180 loads per hour. It boasts Metered Film Delivery System, two times the wrap force per revolution of film and no film breaks or load twisting or crushing.

The QL400 features the latest advancement in safe-to-ship wrapping technology, with automatic film cut-off and 250% pre-stretch, achieving 5,000-pound capacity.

Lantech’s case erectors are designed to erect square cases without jamming. Other features include an easy-to-load magazine, precise case forming, sequential flap folding, auto adjustment for case variations and more.



NORD Gear Corp.

NORD Gear Corp., Waunakee, Wis., showcased a variety of gear units and drive systems.

NORDBLOC.1 gearboxes come in three single-stage gear units—SK 871.1, SK 971.1 and SK 1071.1—providing what is said to be industry-leading thrust load capacity per case size. The new products have a power range of 1.5-60 HP, a torque range of 3,540-8,850 pounds per inch and a ratio range of 1.41-8.09:1. With durable UNICASE cast iron housings and optimized bearings, these gear units handle large axial and radial forces.

LOGIDRIVE a modular 2-stage helical bevel gear unit, IE4 motor and a decentralized variable frequency drive designed for vertical, horizontal and inclined conveyors. These drive units integrate all common field bus and industrial Ethernet interfaces. Efficient operation at partial load and low speeds make this the ideal solution for high-volume manufacturing, warehousing and packaging systems.

NORD CON app and NORDAC ACCESS Bluetooth stick enable convenient dashboard-based visualization to aid in the diagnosis, parameterization and monitoring of all NORD drive systems right from a mobile device. The Bluetooth stick can be used directly with the frequency inverter, and allows users to transfer parameters from one frequency inverter to another.

The SK 02040.1 helical worm features a die-cast aluminum housing, with a power range of 0.16-1.5 HP and an output torque of up to 885 pounds per inch. The wide range of speed ratios (from 5.37:1 up to 330:1) enables optimum adaptation to the customer's requirements. The motor can be mounted directly without a coupling or via an adapter (IEC or NEMA).

NORD Gear Corp.



Texwrap, Washington, Mo., introduced its next generation Tekkra 200-series sideload bundler, which offers dairy processors, co-packers and more to customize their machine for maximum productivity based on the layout of their plant.

The new Tekkra 200-series bundler is rated at 15-20 multi-packs per minute of either supported or unsupported products. Featuring toolless changeover, a recipe-driven HMI and a servo-driven main ram, the Tekkra 200 enables fast changeover for maximum flexibility in bundling a range of SKUs. Tekkra 200’s servo-driven seal assembly ensures fast and repeatable seals.

Texwrap also offers a choice of infeed conveyor widths, right or left side infeed orientation, discharge options of straight, right or left, and a selection of tunnel lengths.

Texwrap Packaging Systems


Datalogic, Eugene, Ore., displayed an array of solutions, including data capture, safety and sensors, laser marking, robotic inspection, vision systems and imaging technology.

Barcode reading, which includes the Matrix devices for high-speed data capture, compact form factor or Digimarc Barcodes reading.

Laser marking. The combination of the AREX 400 laser maker with the intuitive MARVIS software.

Advanced OCR. These new OCR tools provide precision detection and interpretation on high-speed lines, reflective surfaces, and poorly printed surfaces.

Pattern sortation. Now manufacturers can automate processes and inspection that relied on human vision. This vision solution interprets icons and symbols on packaging at high speed, even if they are poorly printed and partially covered.

Bottling conveyor. Detection, inspection and data collection integrate vision systems, safety sensor, smart cameras and industrial scanners in action.

PowerScan. These industrial handheld scanners include DMP compatibility, wireless communications, integrated keyboards and more.

Mobility. These handheld and vehicle mount computers feature Android and Windows operating systems that deliver computing power to applications across the enterprise.

Safety laser sentinels. This solution monitors safety at multiple distances in workstations, robots, lift trucks and more.

Photoelectric sensors and IO-link. This family of sensors is complete with optical functions, optics direction, cabling, output signals and more, all communicating with the IO-Link standard.

Datalogic ADC, Inc.


Synerlink, a Paris-based Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems company, displayed a wide range of bottle- and cup-filling technologies for medium- and high-production rates.

Last year, the company announced plans to expand its presence in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region.



Brazilian manufacturers

Eleven Brazilian manufacturers featured high-quality, diversity and sustainability in packaging through its Think Plastic Brazil showcase, an export promotion project sponsored by INP (National Plastic Institute) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

Participating companies included Lord Brasil; Packing Group; Plaszom; Polo Films; Splack; Vitopel do Brasil Ltda, and Zaraplast.

Think Plastic Brazil’s sponsor, Braskem, presented its line of Green Plastic and Green Eva products, which are resins produced from sugar cane. The green polyethylene I’m green differential reduces greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, since it captures carbon dioxide during the production process. It also presents the same characteristics as those of the traditional polyethylene, that is, it doesn’t require machinery adaptation and is recyclable.

The Packing Group boasts nanolayer technology to provide a differentiated technical support with a specialized after-sales area to ensure greater performance and efficiency in consumption. It also provides the uniqueness of the High Light machine, an equipment to make advanced quality testing, as well as drawing, drilling, charge retention, impact and tear, which enables to develop films for each specific application.

Polo Films specialized in BOPP films production featuring benefits for protection and barrier, optimization and efficiency and sustainability and environment. Polo Films also offers a wide range of high-quality flexible packaging, optical, mechanical and barrier properties, overwrapping, scotch tapes and decorative packaging, among others.

Vitopel also showcased its portfolio of BOPP films.

Zaraplast specializes in flexible packaging solutions for food, beverage, agribusiness, animal nutrition and more.  


Epson America

Epson America, Long Beach, Calif., announced four new additions to its ColorWorks on-demand color label printer lineup – the ColorWorks C6000A, C6000P, C6500A, and C6500P.

This lineup is said to be first printers specifically designed as a color upgrade to black-only thermal transfer printers. The new ColorWorks models deliver on-demand, 4- or 8-inch color labels at up to 5-inches per second.

Featuring up to 1200 dpi resolution, the new models produce crisp images comparable to pre-printed labels, are compatible with ZPL II, SAP and more and built to accommodate remote printer management.

Additional features include:

  • Remote printer management for managing large fleets over the network.
  • Peel and present. The C6000P and C6500P offer fast, on-demand print-and-apply applications.
  • Auto cutter. C6000A and C6500A come standard with auto cutter, ideal for fast, on-demand applications.
  • Applicator I/O control port for automated workflow. Supports I/O commands, and can be integrated into nearly any workflow.

Epson America



Mondi, Jackson, Mo., highlighted several product innovations, including ultra-high-definition (HD) flexographic printing, the PerFORMing natural-look food packaging material and the SPLASHBAG water-repellent industrial paper sack.

Ultra-HD printing. Mondi can print vibrant images and marketing messages, including high-quality images and text typically associated with rotogravure printing.

PerFORMing. PerFORMing is a thermoformable multilayer packaging material with a brown color that suits current consumer demand for a more natural look and feel in packaged goods. This paper-based solution, which is naturally brown without the use of dyes, is ideal for packaging meats and cheeses on food trays as well as for portion packs and other applications. PerFORMing provides high barrier properties while reducing plastic use by up to 80% compared with traditional shallow trays.

SPLASHBAG. SPLASHBAG is a water-repellent industrial paper valve bag for dry, powdery materials that can resist direct rain for up to 6 hours and moisture ingress for up to 5 days. Available in 55- and 77-pound sizes, the SPLASHBAG can be filled and de-aerated just as quickly as standard industrial sacks. For extra moisture protection, the bags can be manufactured with an optional inner plastic film, which can be easily removed from the paper after use for recycling purposes.

Mondi North America



Toshiba America Business Solutions

Toshiba America Business Solutions, Lake Forest, Calif., showcasing new thermal barcode printers and an automated shipping system, a product collaboration with Panther Industries, Highlands Ranch, Colo., and StreamTech Engineering, St. Louis, Mo.

The new BA400 thermal barcode printer combines the latest in connectivity – USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Near-Field Communication – with the necessary throughput (up to 8 inches per second) to fulfill virtually any manufacturing, distribution and retail labeling requirements. Featuring a sturdy, compact design with top-loading for fast media and ribbon swaps, the BA400 integrates easily within most office and warehouse settings.   

Toshiba’s newly-minted B-EX4T3HS thermal barcode printer creates clear, acutely scannable, high-resolution labels – up to 600 dots per inch – with precision accuracy. The B-X4T3HS handles the complexity of printing smaller labels – width and height as small as 0.51 and 0.12 inches respectively – with speed (up to 6 inches per second) and extreme precision. The printer’s center alignment eliminates media shifts to ensure the consistently accurate placement of barcode data on labels.

Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.


Unibloc-Pump, Marietta, Ga., showcased a number of sanitary premium lobe pumps, including Mini Pumps for low flow (3/8-, half- and 0.750-inch TC ports), gear pumps, Models PD300, PD450, PD501, PD550, PD677, Compac series and Quick Strip series.

This line of sanitary pumps is suitable for meat, poultry, dairy, bakery and confectionary processing. They’re engineered from all stainless steel, with what is said to be the cleanest pump head in the industry. VSM technology allows the pump head to fit any seal type.

These pumps also feature patented rotor designs for optimal efficiency and low product shear, and are available in a variety of industry-specific materials and designs.

The pumps have oversized shafts to reduce deflection at high pressures, and Unibloc’s gearbox boasts a fully machined exterior featuring a non-stick surface.

Unibloc-Pump, Inc.



Silgan Dispensing, Richmond, Va., showcased its latest solutions and innovations in dispensing solutions.

Sustainability with PCR Products uses post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in its packaging and dispensing solutions, enabling the brand to meet its sustainability goals. Silgan Dispensing’s PCR portfolio includes pumps and sprayers, including the SD200 dispensing pump, TS800 trigger sprayer and select dispensing closures such as SD 20c and Mark VII Max products.

Silgan Dispensing Systems



Silgan Dispensing

Silgan Equipment, Waukegan, Ill., debuted the new 2D-X2 Dual Profiling Inspection

System, which employs dual lasers to scan the surface of the cap on a packaged beverage or food product to determine proper cap sealing. The side-by-side laser beams scan the top surface of each cap to immediately detect cap tilt and overall cap height. When the lasers detect an uneven cap height, the cap is cocked; when they detect a non-standard package height, the cap is either low (not present) or high (not completely seated). These results indicate a package that is not securely sealed.

The 2D-X2 system installs over an existing conveyor line, are mounted in a protective housing rated NEMA 4X and are resistant to washdowns.

The sensor height is adjusted by a handwheel, and the beam-spread adjustment by a rotary knob, allowing for fast and accurate placement. As filled and capped containers pass, the lasers scan the surface of each cap to identify rejects for removal downstream.

Operators access the 2D-X2 system controls through a full-color touchscreen HMI located next to the line. The PackML-compliant system software stores and recalls job files for quick changeover, displays inspection results and generates production statistics. Operators set up an inspection by stepping through the HMI-directed set-up procedure, using samples of good and bad cap placement on containers to adjust the inspection parameters. When the inspection is configured and runs well in production, it’s saved as a job file for instant recall when that same container and cap combination runs in the future. During a changeover to a new container and cap, the line operator selects the previously stored job file on the HMI screen and sets the height and beam spread of the laser unit. Running a few test containers ensures that the system is properly adjusted. The 2D-X2 can inspect container caps at a rate of up to 800 per minute, and the system software records production statistics, including number of rejects, for use in continuous Improvement efforts. This data can be immediately recalled in the event of an FDA inspection visit.

The 2D-X2 system inspects plastic, metal and composite caps ranging from 30-110 mm in size, on containers ranging from 1¼ to 14 inches in height.

Silgan Equipment



The 76 Series Vibratory Feeder from Eriez, Erie, Pa., supports trays up to approximately 200 pounds. Large bucket elevators require high-capacity feeders with long tray overhangs to reach the in-feed section of the elevators. With its ability to handle larger trays with multiple features such as screens, covers, inlet spouts and downspouts with a single compact drive unit required by bulk bag dischargers, the 76 is also well suited for bulk bag unloading.

Eriez ProGrade tubes, grates and liquid line traps are now available with the new and improved Xtreme RE7 Rare Earth Tube Circuit, which is said to be 13-40% stronger than other magnets in head-to-head pull tests. Eriez ProGrade Xtreme Rare Earth magnetic separators remove weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination to ensure ultimate product purity and equipment protection.

For the most difficult food and sanitary industry applications requiring the highest level of protection against metal contamination, the Eriez Rare Earth magnetic separator powered by Xtreme RE7 alongside an Xtreme Metal Detector Enhanced Platform (EP) is said to be 13-40% stronger than other magnets in head-to-head pull tests.




The “future-ready” FBM 22H from PPi Technologies Group, Sarasota, Fla., is a revolutionary form-fill-seal machine that uses less components than older machines and operates more efficiently thanks to an open hygienic design architecture.

The machine, built in partnership with SN Machinery GmbH, Germany, features a continuous-motion zipper seal and continuous-motion stand-up pouch system, and can run new eco-friendly monolayer materials.

The camera-based eye mark control module moves the sealing station according to the registration mark, thus expediting the changeover process.

The machine also boasts a fully automatic adjustment of the sealing frames, using patented continuous-motion film feed through the plow. And, the film roll unwind is controlled by direct a servo-drive system to reduce material waste.

FBM 22H complies with hygienic standards, and offers easy cleanability and reduction of corners and ridges with smooth surfaces to avoid accumulation of dirt.

Additional features include continuous-motion second web feed, horizontal zipper sealing, gusset punch camera-based block adjustment of the seal station, an automatic format change of the seal frames and pouch grippers, and semi-automated HMI. Plus, it’s prepared for recyclable film structures.

PPi Technologies Group