The Fresh Market, Greensboro, N.C., introduced a new crop of private label items.

“Consumers typically view store brands as generic versions of well-known brand names, but it is the opposite with The Fresh Market,” says Michelle Beck, director, private label. “In order for us to put our name on a product, it has to be better than the best-selling brand in that category.”

The Fresh Market carries over 1,500 private label items across both perishable and non-perishable (grocery) categories.

Signature private label products—those that are highly curated, premium or proprietary to The Fresh Market—include NomNom Salsa made by a local vendor in Georgia and new items imported direct from Italy, including gelato and frozen pizzas with stone-baked crust.

Seasonal private label items include The Fresh Market’s more than 60 pumpkin-flavored items in salsa and more.

The Fresh Market design team also updated the packaging on the store’s private label items to reflect the new improvements and provide a more contemporary look for the brand.

“Our team updated private label with a design system that would provide a consistent look and feel across all our product categories without having them adhere to a rigid template,” says Bryan Bowers, creative director. “We wanted these products to stand out within their category while also supporting our updated brand look.”