Bamboo Rose, Gloucester, Mass., launched Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform for food processing and formulation.

This digital platform enables grocers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and global brand companies to develop and deliver both private label and branded food and formulated products.

From early ideation, business case, recipe management and formulation, to supplier quality, compliance, global trade management, the Bamboo Rose multi-enterprise platform for food and formulation provides complete traceability down the factory-line level.

Additional benefits include:

  • Multi-enterprise engagement. The solution allows brand and product managers, suppliers, manufacturers, farmers, quality professionals, packing houses, regulatory bodies and labeling organizations, among others, to collaborate on creating high-quality, compliant products at the highest margin possible.
  • Cross product support. The Bamboo Rose platform provides one source of data for all food categories (fresh, formulated, manufactured and in-store).
  • End-to-end capability. With the platform’s end-to-end traceability, users can be sure they’re accessing consistent, accurate data to ensure product compliance across the board.

Bamboo Rose