Burnbrae Farms, Canada, opened its first solar-powered facility in Oxford County, Canada.

The farm is said to be the largest solar-powered egg laying farm in Canada, producing more power than it uses and sharing power with the adjoining farm. The new farm is part of the company’s mission to reduce greenhouse emissions by 5% by 2020.

Quick facts:

● The farm consists of four barns; one starter pullet barn, one free run layer and two free range layer barns.

● The barns utilize high-efficiency motors, lighting and ventilation systems to ensure the farm is using as little power as possible to run the equipment.

● The farm creates excess power that is transported to a neighboring Burnbrae farm.

● The farm operates off the grid and is powered by the sun with solar panels on the roof of three barns on the farm.

● For the protection and safety of the hens, the farm has a backup generator to ensure power is always available on the farm.

● The farm is equipped with battery storage that stores energy for use overnight or during extended cloudy periods where there is limited sun.

“This farm is such a milestone for us, and as our first fully solar-powered farm, we are learning so much from the process, and we will continue to innovate our operations for future sustainability projects. We’re grateful to have the support of the Oxford community as well, it was a collaborative effort from everyone,” says Margaret Hudson, president.