Sabra, White Plains, N.Y., opened Whirled Peas, a limited-time pop-up experience reimagining the hummus as inspired by global culture and cuisine.

Five chefs, each celebrated for sharing their heritage through food, will collaborate with Einat Admony, chef, cookbook author and restauranteur, to introduce a collection of original dishes featuring Sabra hummus. Whirled Peas will be to the public open in New York City Oct. 11-Nov. 24.

“We are so excited to open the doors at Sabra’s first pop up in NYC. Hummus is a simple and delicious, plant-based food—a bowl of whirled chickpeas with tahini (ground sesame seeds,) aromatic herbs and rich oils,” says Jason Levine, chief marketing officer for Sabra.  “Hummus is Mediterranean in origin, yet we believe food has a transcending ability to connect us, which is the idea behind this pop-up experience. We are partnering with a group of brilliant chefs with diverse culinary and cultural experiences to reinterpret hummus and showcase the unexpected versatility and relatability of this nourishing and flavorful food. From hummus with tacos to tahini and Thai Pho, delicious things can happen when we connect in the kitchen. We think you’ll want to try this at home.”