AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies Ltd., Israel, revealed a land-based R&D facility for the production of shrimp located in southern Israel. What is said to be an industry first, AquaMaof adapted its recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology to the commercial production of L vannamei shrimp with a high-survival rate and disease-free results.

“Three years ago, we began to notice growing shrimp demand, on the one hand, and the many challenges faced by the traditional shrimp aquaculture industry, on the other. We decided to adapt our proven integrated RAS technology for the indoor production of shrimp. Moving production indoors in a closed containment environment has enabled us to overcome many of the industry’s challenges and become the first company to offer a commercial end-to-end solution,” says David Hazut, chief executive officer. “Over the course of three years, we are very proud of the achievements we have made, such as high densities of shrimps with no negative effect on growth rates, whilst maintaining a disease-free environment.”

AquaMaof’s RAS technology provides a solution for responsibly-farmed and harvested aquaculture practices for many aquaculture species. AquaMaof’s facilities are strategically located adjacent to large cities, which dramatically reduces transportation costs. AquaMaof promotes sustainable practices that include proprietary water recycling techniques and low power consumption.