Rite Stuff Foods Inc., Jerome, Idaho, showcased its line of frozen potato snacks.

"When we develop new products, we set ourselves no limits whatsoever, whether it's regarding the raw materials and ingredients or the ideas themselves. In this way we remain open to everything and totally creative," says Frédéric Dervieux, chief executive officer of the Frostkrone Group, the Germany-based parent company.

From dainty specialities made of Tunisian-style brick dough to potato snacks and gourmet pizza pockets, these products are perfect for oven and microwave.

Lava Bites. This fiery snack is as black as volcanic rock on the outside with a glimmer of glowing lava, but on the inside its creamy Cheddar cheese and red jalapeño chili peppers.

Pizza Pocket Breakfast. The classic version is bursting with a hearty helping of scrambled eggs, spicy, full-flavored Cheddar cheese and gently sautéed potatoes. Other varieties include Breakfast Veggie Bacon & Egg, Breakfast Veggie Sausage, Egg & Cheddar and Breakfast Egg, Gouda & Potatoes.

Petites Corolles. These little appetizers are created out of brick dough baked wafer-thin. For the Vegetables & Mozzarella version, creamy mozzarella chimes together with feta cheese and Mediterranean vegetables.

Twice Baked "Triple Cheese." The twice-baked, original Idaho potatoes are baked to perfection, halved and scooped out before being filled with three kinds of cheese.