Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), Budd Lake, N.J., launched Chassis MandR System, a new mobile application and web-based resource that provides full management of chassis maintenance and repair activities. This allows users, including repair vendors and intermodal equipment providers (IEPs), to realize enhanced equipment management and cost control capabilities from any location, anywhere.

The Chassis MandR System enables critical updates and reports as well as estimates and invoices for maintenance, repairs and other features. Users can communicate on all estimates, job orders and details of the chassis with accurate updates and alert messages.

For example, Chassis MandR mobile application will decommission units out-of -service as they are in gate. It will also update the Intermodal Association of North America’s (IANA's) clearinghouse for Bad Order Equipment Status (BOES) if at a BOES facility, thereby, greatly enhancing the quality, service levels and cost control of these assets. It will also manage both driver vehicle inspection and driver vehicle exception reports and record a motor carrier's pre-trip, post-trip or both.

Consolidated Chassis Management