The inspiration behind Schuman Cheese’s new hand-rubbed Cello fontinas comes from an artisan approach to convenience in entertaining and everyday life. The seven new fontinas are hand-rubbed with vibrant spice blends from around the globe and naturally aged for over 60 days.

“Schuman Cheese is synonymous with quality, value and innovation,” said Lauren Dykes, B2B Marketing Manager. “We pride ourselves on developing and innovating new flavors, products and formats that keep us at the forefront of the industry.”

Innovation is one of Schuman Cheese’s core values, as well as keeping ahead of a dynamic industry and anticipating our customers’ needs. Schuman provides the industry with unique, quality products including those being introduced in 2020.

Cello fontinas are the perfect cheese for melting, snacking and adding to sandwiches. These are a great addition to any cheese plate, pasta dish and particularly grilled cheese, quesadillas or paninis:

● Tuscan: Why travel to Italy, when you can be transported to Tuscany in your own home? This fontina is hand rubbed with a classic blend of Italian herbs and spices pairs perfectly with the rich and nutty fontina flavor.

● Harissa: A smoky blend of chili, cumin & caraway seed spices up this creamy fontina with an intense and interesting flavor from North Africa.

● Dijon & Herb: A balanced blend of yellow and brown mustard seed and aromatic spices provides this creamy fontina with a mild and nutty flavor.

● Creamy Dill: The fresh vibrant blend of dill and fragrant summer herbs comes through as tangy and spectacular in this mild cow's milk cheese.

● Bergamot & Hibiscus: An aromatic blend of bergamot tea & hibiscus flower with a citrusy finish hand-rubbed on our creamy fontina.

● Smoky Pepper: A creamy cow's milk cheese hand rubbed with a smoky trio of peppercorn, paprika and savory warm spices.

● Mayan Cocoa Coffee: An earthy and exotic blend of sweet, spicy Mayan spices is combined with real cocoa and coffee.

Cello hand-rubbed fontinas will be available at retailers nationwide in 2020. Price will vary by retailer, the per pound pricing is 94-cents per pound. 

About Schuman Cheese:
Founded in New York in 1945, Schuman Cheese has grown into a highly lauded leader in the cheese industry, worldwide. For four generations the family has set the standard for integrity, excellence and loyalty, exemplified by their premium cheeses and lasting partnerships. Today, decades since their first import, Schuman’s team of skilled cheesemakers craft their own world-class cheeses in Wisconsin, adding to their robust import business. At Schuman Cheese, they take pride in the products offered, and remain committed to the mission and values established by Arthur Schuman.