To help in efforts to contain the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, Intertek Alchemy has created a complimentary new training course "COVID-19: Overview" to ensure frontline food manufacturing workers know how to:

  • Mitigate the spread of the coronavirus
  • Recognize symptoms and protect ourselves from respiratory illnesses
  • Prevent transmission to others

Food production workers do not have the ability to work from home like many other professions do. Keeping this workforce safe is imperative to ensure the production that stocks our grocery stores and restaurants does not come to a halt at this critical time.

Feel free to use a share this complimentary course to keep your employees informed and engaged on their role in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

Intertek Alchemy has distributed this course to clients to use in their 15,000 facilities.

You can download the free COVID-19 training course for food manufacturing workers here. It includes a zip file of training materials, and a video training course option.

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