Choptank Transport announced today the implementation of an initiative to help both employees and local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. With a large percentage of the company’s staff now working remotely, Choptank is giving each employee $100 to spend at their favorite eateries within 50 miles of their workspaces. Choptank has more than 400 employees, which means it will infuse more than $40,000 into its local economies through restaurants, coffee shops, and other food establishments.

“We know this is a stressful time for everyone,” said Choptank’s President & CEO, Geoff Turner. “Our employees are doing a Herculean job of keeping America’s freight moving under less than ideal circumstances. This is a way of saying thank you to them while also helping mitigate some of the crushing economic effects to our local business community.”

It is all part of the company’s We Are One program, also known as Employees Helping Employees. The program, established by Choptank’s community involvement committee in early 2019, is a company-funded financial assistance perk to help coworkers and their direct family members when financial hardships occur. It can be requested for medical reasons, loss or damage to a primary residence, or any other sudden loss of income due to unforeseen circumstances.

Choptank’s belief in giving back to its community is nothing new. The company participates in dozens of local fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and philanthropic events annually. Last year the company established the Choptank Transport Community Foundation with a kick-off golf event that raised more than $20,000 for ten local charities.

About Choptank Transport

Choptank Transport is a nationwide third-party logistics company headquartered in Preston, Maryland, with additional locations in Baltimore, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, and Tampa. 

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