CHEVOO, makers of gourmet goat cheese in Sonoma County, California, introduces new spreadable goat cheese in four unique flavors. These cheeses aim to elevate your bagels, toast, veggies and sandwiches, or can just be spread on crackers for a tasty snack and an upgrade over regular cream cheese. Flavors include:

  • The Everyday Original - their classic 'plain' spread that blends silky goat cheese with robust olive oil and French grey salt in a creamy smooth texture you'll want to eat everyday. 
  • Country Herb & Garlic - the perfect complement to your everything bagel, this goes with any savory cracker or crusty bread. It makes a salty, satisfying solo snack.
  • Creamy Black Truffle - a decadent truffle treat that's light enough to crave daily, this flavor is sure to tempt truffle lovers everywhere. The high-quality truffles come from Italy.
  • Zesty Citrus & Honey - this combination of citrus and sweetness is a unique twist.

The spreadable goat cheese adds to CHEVOO's current lineup of products, which includes marinated goat cheese six different flavors: Smoked Salt & Rosemary; Dill Pollen & Garlic; Italian Black Truffle; Urfa Chili & Lemon; Tupelo Honey & Lime; and Fennel Pollen & Orange.


CHEVOO was created by Gerard & Susan Tuck, two Aussies who moved to California in 2013 with their three young children, so that Gerard could attend the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Marinated goat cheese had been a staple in their Aussie home for many years – a much loved ingredient for any barbecue, dinner party, or home cooked meal – and when they couldn’t find this family fave at their local shops in the US, they were inspired. They used their time at Stanford to work on launching a company that specialized in making the highest quality marinated goat cheese – influenced by their favorite varietals in Australia, but drawing on the abundant farm lands and boutique spice curators found only in the US.

CHEVOO is made from the highest quality goat cheese (CHEVRE) blended with high-end spices, pollens, chilis, honey or truffles. The cheese is then immersed in an extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) infusion that has been through an 8-week steeping process using fresh botanicals such as rosemary, garlic, lemon, orange and lime. The flavor profiles are carefully paired to be truly unique and sure to please every palate.

The company has grown quickly since its 2015 launch in Sonoma. Based out of a new production facility in Healdsburg California, CHEVOO entered all U.S. Whole Foods locations in 2018, and has now grown to a team of 30+ employees producing a range of six unique marinated goat cheeses and four goat cheese spreads. CHEVOO is currently sold in over 1500 specialty and natural grocery stores across the country, with more coming soon.