Cappello's, the makers of frozen-fresh, simple, real-ingredient foods, is updating its Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Almond Flour Spaghetti in multi-serve sizes at retailers nationwide. These pastas originally debuted last year as a limited test and received an extraordinarily positive consumer reaction. As a result of the fanfare, both products are now available at retailers across the U.S.

As the originators of almond flour-based pastas, Cappello's is proud to be adding to their existing line of frozen-fresh offerings which includes Fettuccine, Gnocchi and Lasagna Sheets. Each pasta, including the latest line extensions, feature the brand's hero ingredient, almond flour, to create nutritionally relevant options that are also naturally grain- and gluten-free. With these delectable contributions to the pasta world, Cappello's continues to offer re-imagined classics packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats that never compromise on taste or texture.

All Cappello's pasta is thoughtfully made and frozen at peak freshness, providing consumers with restaurant-quality dishes at home. This frozen-fresh pasta cooks up at lightning quick speeds to reveal a flavor and mouthfeel consumers just can't get from dry pasta that has to be snapped in half to fit in the pot and thrown at the wall to see if it's done (that's pasta abuse in their opinion). With the addition of these new deliciously grain-free and Paleo choices, Cappello's continues to further their mission to set a new standard in the frozen aisle and shift the prepackaged paradigm in a health-forward, nutritionally relevant direction.   

Cappello's new Sweet Potato Gnocchi is a mineral-rich, pillowy pasta that is rolled in nutrient-filled almond flour making an elegant dough that is as versatile as it is delicious. Consumers won't find a higher quality or better tasting sweet potato gnocchi in the grocery store. The world's first Almond Flour Spaghetti is Cappello's grain-free take on the beloved classic and was made with everyone in mind; providing pasta lovers with a delicious, nutritious and more convenient than ever ingredient to use to make their favorite dishes. Both of these reinvented pastas are the closest thing to homemade taste that families can find in the store and make for a delicious meal that kids won't realize is actually good for them. Each of these delights are non-GMO, Kosher, dairy-free and naturally grain- and gluten-free, making them an essential part of any family pasta night. 

"It has been amazing to see families turn to the freezer for fresh food and to show that the frozen food aisle is for more than just TV dinners," said Ben Frohlichstein, co-Founder and co-CEO of Cappello's. "This is the second launch of products for our brand this year, after our delicious almond flour pizzas, and we can't wait to show customers what other frozen-fresh magic we have up our sleeve. We are just getting started."

Cappello's Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Almond Flour Spaghetti are located in the freezer aisle and retail for $9.99 in natural grocers nationwide including Whole Foods Market and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage and online at the brand's website for $11.00.

About Cappello's
Friends and Co-founders Ben Frohlichstein and Stacey Marcellus had always shared a love for cooking and feeding people. After Ben and Stacey had parallel experiences working on farmlands, they were inspired to bring a new kind of food into the world that was filled with nutritionally relevant ingredients, and tastes and textures that rivaled the classics. And thus, the world's first almond flour pizzas, pastas and cookie doughs were born. Today, Ben and Stacey lead a team of spirited food lovers, guiding Cappello's on its mission to set a new standard for frozen foods that shift the prepackaged paradigm in a sustainable direction focused on simple, real foods.