GeeFree Foods, a leading frozen food innovator in the gluten-free industry has been acquired by premier New Jersey food manufacturer, The Fillo Factory, Inc.

Founded in 2013 by Susan Hougui and Steven Leyva, GeeFree Foods has been known for its industry disrupting, gluten-free puff pastry sheets. Since its humble beginnings, GeeFree has successfully launched an additional 10 products which all have become “one-of-its-kind” in the gluten-free category. 

GeeFree’s product line proved successful and contributed to the massive expansion in the gluten-free food category. From franks-in-a-blanket to bagel puffs, GeeFree has created traditional favorites for consumers who suffer from celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity.

In 2017, GeeFree partnered up with Procida Funding, an organization with 25 years of investment experience. Through this partnership, GeeFree has penetrated nearly 5,000 retail outlets nationwide, created successful and lasting business relationships and gained brand recognition from health-conscious consumers and social media influencers.

The Fillo Factory has been in operations for nearly three decades and is recognized not only as a leading frozen-foods manufacturer, but an innovator. The Fillo Factory originates, produces and distributes appetizers, small-bites, snacks, entrees and desserts using all-natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. The Fillo Factory has been GeeFree’s co-packer since inception.

Ron Rexroth, the CEO and Founder of The Fillo Factory, grew up in a Fillo-producing family business and followed into his family’s footsteps. Over time, new brands (Aunt Trudy’s and Appetizers to Go), acquisitions (Hors D’oeuvres Unlimited and Cuisine Innovations Unlimited), and solid business relationships have contributed immensely to the ongoing success.

Through the decades, The Fillo Factory expanded steadily and now operates out of a 120,000 square foot factory in Northvale, NJ and 25,000 square foot facility in Lakewood, NJ. Both plants are USDA inspected. Additionally, The Fillo Factory also has a number of certifications including: QAI Organic, BRC for Food Safety, GFCO for gluten free, Non-GMO Project, Kof-K and Tablet K for Kosher. Furthermore, another state-of-the-art plant is in the plans for 2024.

Rexroth and The Fillo Factory have plans to grow the GeeFree brand by expanding sales and brokerage team, creating more distribution channels, doubling down on social media efforts and growing its product line. Procida Funding will still be supporting the brand as ambassadors for the company as well.

Procida Funding CEO Billy Procida said, “We are delighted with the acquisition. They are a great family owned company with full manufacturing capability and the only company in the country who knows how to handle making our delicious GeeFree gluten-free pastry sheets and other products. We are excited to see what the future holds for GeeFree as the possibilities are endless with a leading food manufacturer such as The Fillo Factory. GeeFree has been recognized as a gluten-free food innovator and now with a premier innovating manufacturer; there is no doubt that the GeeFree brand will leap to new heights”.

About GeeFree

GeeFree was founded in 2013 by Susan Hougui (American Institute of Baking certified and former food consultant for Fortune 500 food manufacturers during the low carb craze, including Disney Theme Parks) and Steven Leyva (a self-taught pastry chef and master baker, who began his career in his late teens, appearing numerous times on CNBC with his healthy creations). A remarkably versatile product, GeeFree Puff Pastry Sheets are ideal for creating turnovers, empanadas, pocket sandwiches, pies, pigs in a blanket, potato puffs, brie & raspberry rolls, pierogis and so much more. The ready-made puff pastry product line includes: Spanakopita, Franks in a Blanket, Cheeseburger Bites, Chicken Pot Pie and cream cheese filled Bagel Puffs in three flavors. GeeFree is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). The products can be found in the freezer department of grocery and health food stores nationwide or can be ordered online.

About The Fillo Factory

The Fillo Factory was found in 1991 by Ron Rexroth. With a machine design and a dream, The Fillo Factory came from a humble beginning, growing into a premier food manufacturer. Always a family ran business; the first products sold were flat sheets of Fillo dough to small local customers. Through the past three decades, The Fillo Factory has continued to grow its product offerings to include value-added Fillo products such as  spanakopita, tiropita, baklava, appetizers, small bites, meals, and desserts to the biggest grocery stores, clubs, and food distributors in the country. The Fillo Factory is a fully fledged manufacturer known for their delicious products and innovative processes. The products can be found in the freezer department of grocery stores nationwide or can be ordered online.