Rojo’s, a leading brand of refrigerated restaurant-style and homestyle salsas and dips, announced today the addition of Black Bean & Guajillo Crema Layer Dip to its popular line. The five-layer, gluten-free dip features tasty black beans, cool guacamole, tangy salsa, rich and smoky Guajillo pepper crema, and cheddar cheese.

“Rojo’s newest dip is centered around the Guajillo pepper, a popular pepper in Mexico that is commonly used in authentic Mexican dishes or as a salsa for street tacos,” said Eloise Cabral, Director of Marketing, Rojo’s Brand at Lakeview Farms, LLC. “The result is a flavorful taste sensation that can stand alone with chips or be enjoyed as a topping on nachos, tacos or quesadillas.”

Rojo’s Black Bean & Guajillo Crema Layer Dip comes in a convenient 15-ounce container and is available in the refrigerated deli case at grocery stores nationwide.

Rojo’s line of fun, flavorful foods includes Restaurant-Style and Homestyle salsas, dips, five-layer dips and Queso. All products are made with high-quality ingredients and in small batches that are processed cold, never cooked, to ensure superior flavor and outstanding quality. Rojo’s is a brand of Lakeview Farms, LLC.

About Rojo’s

Founded in 1985, Rojo's has a rich heritage in refrigerated foods, beginning with a secret homemade salsa recipe from Mexico that was brought to the U.S. in 1965. At the heart of the company's nearly 36-year legacy are its artisan-crafted salsas which are made in small batches using premium, fresh-cut ingredients. Rojo's is available in the refrigerated deli case in grocery retailers including Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, Albertson's, Ralph's, Stater Bros., Winco, Costco and Sam's Club stores.

About Lakeview Farms, LLC

Lakeview Farms, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated desserts, dips, salsa, hummus and specialty products, marketing products under several brands including Senor Rico, Rojo’s, Tribe, Salads of the Sea, The Cheesecake Factory At Home and Fresh Creations. The company produces a wide range of products including pudding, gelatin, parfait, mousse desserts, and dairy, deli, and seafood dips.