Our cover story looks at some of the different ways food processors and equipment manufacturers are approaching the production of frozen food. One of the best ways to learn about new technology and applications is by attending events like IPPE – the International Production and Processing Expo, held every year in Atlanta, Georgia. This year’s IPPE was no different, with a show floor packed and R&FF had the opportunity to meet and learn from a number of the top companies in the F&B industry.

For the millions of Americans who own pets, an increasing number of them are treating their four-legged friends to refrigerated and frozen foods. R&FF talked with We Feed Raw, a subscription-based, fresh pet food company and looks at how the industry is responding to rising demand.

Voting is open for Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ 2024 Best New Retail Products Contest!

The top three finalists will be featured in the R&FF July eMagazine and website, alongside a company Q&A. The product receiving the most votes overall also will be featured in an episode of the From the Cold Corner podcast in July. Our contest voting coincides with National Frozen Food Month!

Speaking of new retail products, the March issue includes a snapshot of recently released refrigerated and frozen mealtime solutions.

Lastly, thank you to the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and the Refrigerated Foods Association (RFA) for hosting Refrigerated & Frozen Foods at their annual conventions in February and March. These experiences are invaluable in our efforts to cover the cold chain.