Siggi’s, the pioneer of lower sugar yogurt with simple ingredients, is kicking off National Nutrition Month with the launch of a new lower sugar 2% lowfat yogurt line and extensions to the existing plant-based line. The new lower sugar offering contains 50% less sugar than the leading Greek yogurt[1] and is available in a variety of flavors and sizes. The brand’s plant-based line is expanding with plant-based drinks and a 24 oz. Vanilla tub.

Siggi’s newest reduced sugar product line holds true to the brand’s commitment of providing consumers with lower sugar products made with simple ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. With two to eight grams of sugar per serving, consumers can enjoy their favorite siggi’s lowfat yogurt. The new line is available in 5.3 oz. cups of Blueberry, Vanilla, Mixed Berries, Strawberry, Key Lime, Coconut, Black Cherry, Vanilla & Cinnamon and seasonal Spiced Apple, as well as 24 oz. cups of Plain and Vanilla and four packs of Vanilla, Strawberry and Mixed Berries. Consumers can look for these lower sugar products in brand-new light blue siggi’s packaging at retailers nationwide.

Siggi’s is excited to extend its plant-based product line, which first launched in December 2019. After two years of development, siggi’s was proud to offer its proprietary blend of coconut, macadamia, and pea protein with three times the protein and 40% less sugar than leading yogurt alternatives[2] to consumers seeking plant-based options. This year, siggi’s is launching plant-based probiotic coconut drinks, which provide eight grams of protein and seven grams of sugar per serving and are available in Strawberry, Peach and Vanilla. The brand is also introducing a larger 24 oz. tub in Vanilla with eleven grams of protein and nine grams of sugar.

Siggi’s products are sold in retailers nationwide and are also available online on Amazon Fresh and InstaCart.

About siggi’s
siggi’s dairy began in 2004 when Siggi Hilmarsson felt homesick for a staple of his childhood diet, skyr, a thick, creamy, high-protein yogurt from his native Iceland. The yogurts he found on shelves in the U.S. were much too sweet and artificial tasting for his liking. His mother sent him a recipe, and with that, he began making skyr in his small New York City kitchen. Today, siggi’s makes truly delicious yogurt products with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. True to Icelandic tradition, siggi’s products do not contain any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and they are made with milk from family farms that do not use growth hormones such as rBST. 

[1] siggi’s lowfat yogurts have an average 1g/oz compared to the leading Greek yogurt brand’s average of 2.5g/oz sugar.

[2] On average, siggi’s plant-based cups have 1.9g/oz protein and 1.4g/oz sugar vs. the leading yogurt alternatives’ average of 0.6g/oz protein and 2.6g/oz sugar.