The Refrigerated Foods Association (RFA) is excited to announce the keynote speaker for their 41st Annual Conference & Exhibition in February, 2022: John Foley. John is a former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, where he consistently performed in an extreme, high-stakes environment, flying an F-18 at speeds of more than 500 miles per hour and in formations as close as 18 inches apart. To survive in those circumstances, he relied on a culture of high trust and leadership that turned inherently unforgiving flights into extraordinary experiences. He now shares his insights with audiences around the world.

John graduated from the US Naval Academy with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and was a defensive back for the Midshipmen. He was chosen as “Top Ten Carrier Pilot” six times before becoming an F/A-18 Instructor Pilot.

He holds three master’s degrees: MA in National Security & Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, Stanford Master of Science in Management, as a Sloan fellow from Stanford Graduate School of Business and MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University. John was also a Fellow at Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation and was awarded an honorary PhD from UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.  As the founder of the Glad To Be Here Foundation, he and his wife Carol have donated over 1.9 million dollars to over 347 charities worldwide and sponsor children in 47 countries. 

John will deliver the Keynote Presentation at RFA’a Annual Conference on the topic of “The High-Performance Zone.”  He will share the thrills he experienced along with practical guidance about performing under pressure, cooperation, collaboration and bringing enjoyment to other people’s lives through service and teamwork.  Attendees will learn how the best teams create alignment around a shared mission and instill a purpose larger than self, and discover how to shift attitudes, improve retention, create fulfillment throughout all levels of an organization, and foster collaboration faster.

The Refrigerated Foods Association is proud to present John to its Conference attendees, which will include manufacturers and suppliers of chilled, prepared, ready-to-eat food products. The Conference will be held at the Ritz Carlton Resort in Amelia Island, Florida on February 20 - 23, 2022. Other tailored presentations will include Robotics/Automation, the RFA Technical Update, a sensory experience lead by the Monell Institute, consumer trends by Technomic, and more.

The Refrigerated Foods Association (RFA) is comprised of chilled food manufacturers and their suppliers from the US and Canada, united by a common interest: to advance and safeguard the industry.  The RFA's Mission is "to serve as the principal association for prepared refrigerated food companies."   The RFA offers four main membership categories: Manufacturer, Associate (equipment, packaging, ingredient and service suppliers), Professional/Academic and Affiliate Members.   

The RFA’s 2022 Conference will feature a full exhibition and the Association’s unique One-on-One CEO Sessions, whereby suppliers sign up to meet with the CEOs of their choice for 10-minute sessions. In addition, golfers are invited to participate in the annual tournament, which will take place at the Golf Club of Amelia Island Course. Networking opportunities are plentiful over the three-day event, which will also include a fun closing banquet with a live auction, entertainment and awards.

The RFA Conference is a great way to network and gain important new information impacting the industry, including technical innovations, sales and marketing tips, consumer trends, distribution solutions, new product and package development, and food safety issues. The event is a "who's who" in the chilled food business, and it attracts attendees from around the globe.

For more information on the Refrigerated Foods Association and their 2022 Conference, visit the website at or call the Association Headquarters at 678-426-8175.