Atoria’s Family Bakery is proud to announce their newest creation: Roasted Red Pepper Mini Lavash is a feast for the senses bound to make your lunch wraps and pizzas more colorful, flavorful and fun. This tasty new flatbread delivers real plant-based flavor and natural red peppers sourced from a local farm near Atoria's bakery.

Made with simple, non-GMO ingredients, the new vegan Roasted Red Pepper Mini Lavash has 70 calories, 4g protein, and 10 pronounceable ingredients per sheet. Each package contains 24 sheets of soft, thin and pliable flatbread. Perfect for wraps, pinwheels, flatbread pizza, panini, dips, chips and any meal or snack throughout the day for the entire family.

The flatbreads are available online at Store in the fridge upon arrival (good for 3 weeks refrigerated), or in the freezer (good for 6 months frozen). Look for them in grocery store deli sections this fall. For recipes, tips and healthy inspiration, visit