The a2 Milk Company, one of the fastest growing premium milk brands in the U.S., has just introduced a half-and-half product made with all-natural a2 Milk and cream that delivers better taste, better protein and better digestibility than its counterparts. That’s because, like all of the company’s products, the new a2 Milk Half and Half is made from cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein rather than the combination of A1 and A2 proteins contained in most dairy products.

The benefit is that A2 protein is the only protein originally produced by all domesticated cows. The A1 protein is the result of a naturally occurring genetic mutation that spread from European herds to the rest of the world approximately 8,000 years ago. Studies have shown that many people who experience stomach discomfort from milk containing both A1 and A2 proteins have an easier time digesting a2 Milk without the A1 protein, allowing them to enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of real dairy again.

Bonus: a2 Milk Half and Half contains only real cows’ milk and cream with no added sugar or additives.