SideDrive Conveyor is showcasing its hygienic spiral conveyors at booth LS-6127 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Sept. 27-29. Whether it’s moving products up one floor or down to another production stage, SideDrive Conveyor’s plastic, modular spiral conveyor systems adapt to plant and manufacturing needs, all while offering the highest level of hygienic standards.

Fit for virtually any application, including naked, raw, and packaged food products as well as non-food products, SideDrive’s hygienic spiral conveyors use only side drive, edge-driven technology from Intralox. Conveyors can be configured in any way—curved, spiral, with turns, multiple inclines and declines, or simply straight—and without any transfers.

Spiral conveyors from SideDrive Conveyor are built with several hygienic features:

  • Open accessible design with a drumless, or cageless, spiral design ensures easy access to clean quickly and thoroughly
  • Sanitary, stainless steel frame with smooth welds that allow debris and water to wash away
  • Sloped surfaces to prevent standing water and eliminate bacteria contamination
  • Minimal bolted connections that, when required, are welded, blind bore threaded standoffs that eliminate small spaces and grooves traditional fastening systems create
  • Modular belting, drives, rods and sprockets made with USDA-compliant plastic stand-up to high-pressure washdown environments for thorough cleaning and eliminate risk of contamination since there’s no metal or need for lubrication
  • No-tool wear parts clean in minutes and keep things quick and simple

In addition, the unique design of SideDrive’s food safe conveyors offer a low total cost of ownership. The lightweight, plastic materials increase belt life by managing tension of the conveyor system when in motion, making it less likely to fatigue compared to traditional metal belt conveyors. This, combined with an even, transferless belt path, reduces product loss by up to 80% while maintaining product integrity.

See the hygienic spiral conveyors at booth LS-6127 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Sept. 27-29. SideDrive Conveyors will also be showcasing its hygienic spiral conveyor at Process Expo in Chicago, Nov. 2-5 at booth 14021 in the South Building.

About SideDrive Conveyor Company

SideDrive Conveyor Co., an NCC Company, provides completely configurable and modular sanitary side drive conveyor solutions. Offering the ultimate flexibility while meeting the highest sanitary requirements, SideDrive spiral and long-running conveyors use a unique, plastic modular belting system that eliminates transfers and creates a smooth and effortless motion. SideDrive Conveyor is the only company in the world to exclusively focus on and use only side drive belting, making it the authority when it comes to conveyor solutions. As an employee-owned company, SideDrive Conveyor is committed to providing and integrating a quality transport system that works for you.