Sanitary Conveyor For End-Of-Line Packaging

The AquaGard sanitary conveyor platform is engineered for moving packaged frozen food from the case sealer to the palletizer. Designed for frozen food packaging applications that require wipe-down and occasional wash-down or low-pressure cleanings with non-caustic solutions, AquaGard conveyors easily integrate with end of line robotic systems. The conveyors come in belt, modular belt and positive drive options, and can be configured in straights, curves, Z-frames and tight spaces. They feature a bolt-together 304 stainless steel frame, FDA-approved belting and plastic components, open design with minimal horizontal surfaces, and ample access for cleaning and maintenance. AquaGard models can be outfitted with automation-focused add-ons.


Reusable Plastic Pallet

Reusable Plastic Pallet Provides Stackable, Hygienic Food Handling

The new 40-by-48-inch P3 reusable plastic pallet from ORBIS Corporation is a lightweight, stackable, hygienic and durable packaging solution that improves sustainable handling in food and beverage, CPG and primary packaging applications. Optimized for the manufacturing and transportation of a variety of materials, the P3 includes optional reinforcements for increased strength and a low-profile height optimized for double stacking to provide truckload efficiencies. Built with sustainability in mind, the P3 replaces wood pallets in the supply chain to reduce environmental waste. Benefits also come in the form of operational efficiency, with a four-way forklift entry and a stringer bottom providing easy conveyance on a conveyor belt.

ORBIS Corporation

The Box Bot space-saving palletizer

Space-Saving Palletizer Provides Higher Stack Patterns

The Box Bot space-saving palletizer is available as a modular or skid-based solution. The Box Bot features a long-reach Fanuc M-710IC Series robot that provides higher stack patterns, which better maximize tractor-trailer loading for more efficient shipping. It is extremely flexible, allowing an operator to design and produce exact pallet patterns of dairy products quickly and easily from bags to boxes and other product types and does so with a small footprint starting at just 8’x10’. The Box Bot uses a Venturi-style vacuum gripper to lift regular slotted cartons (RSC), half slotted containers (HSC), bags, blocks, pails and dunnage up to 60 pounds.

Quest Industrial