Amy’s Kitchen announced it will purchase renewable energy from Ørsted’s Sunflower Wind Farm in Marion County, Kansas, through Power Purchase Agreement that will provide wind power for almost 30% of the company’s operations. This action furthers the company’s goal of powering 100% of its operations with renewable electricity by 2030. 

Amy’s is one of several Walmart suppliers invited to participate in the company’s renewable energy accelerator, Gigaton Power Purchase Agreement, powered by Schneider Electric’s NEO Network. Amy’s is joined by Great Lakes Cheese, Levi Strauss & Co., The J.M. Smucker Co., and Valvoline in establishing the initial cohort. This innovative partnership will directly support Walmart’s Project Gigaton goal aiming to reduce or avoid one gigaton of emissions from the Walmart global value chain by 2030.

The initial cohort's purchase is expected to generate about 250,000 MWh annually of new renewable power, equivalent to avoiding the emissions from more than 458,000 vehicles for one year or an average of 6.5 billion miles driven. This program will extend over a 12-year term, leading the way as more companies strive to reduce environmental impact and demonstrate sustainability leadership.

“Sustainability is at the core of how we do business. By participating in a cohort that collectively provided the scale needed to get the project done, we’re proud to help demonstrate that it is possible for small to medium enterprises to acquire renewable electricity,” said Renaud des Rosiers, senior manager of Environmental Impact, Amy’s Kitchen. “We know our company is a part of a bigger ecosystem, and that when our communities thrive, we all thrive.”

About Amy’s Kitchen
Amy’s Kitchen is a family owned, fiercely independent organic food company and Certified B Corporation whose purpose is to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to eat well. The company is committed to cooking authentic great tasting food with high quality, meticulously sourced organic ingredients and making them convenient for consumers. Today, Amy’s is the No. 1 natural/organic brand across key categories in U.S. retailers. The company offers a variety of organic frozen and packaged foods, and the company is proud to offer options across gluten free, vegan/plant-based, dairy free, lactose free, soy free, tree nut free, corn free, Kosher D, Kosher DE, and light in sodium categories. Amy's products are widely available in the U.S. as well as more than 28 other countries around the globe.