Yasso, maker of frozen snacks made with ridiculously creamy frozen Greek yogurt, is rolling out a redesign of its Poppables product, now with smaller pieces for a more snackable experience, 50% more food to snack on and a new, easy-to-use resealable bag. 

Whether you are looking for better-for-you snacks or just a little something sweet, each bag now contains about 12 times the bite-size creamy Greek yogurt Poppables wrapped in the same delicious quinoa crunchy, dark chocolatey coating. And, with just 35 calories per Poppable, this redesigned packaging comes with permission to eat the whole bag.  

Starting in the New Year, refreshed Yasso Poppables packaging will be rolling out at retailers nationwide and available for online delivery, with a retail price of $6.49 per bag.