Eva’s Helado Artesanal, a new line of super premium ice cream inspired by flavors of Mexico, as well as South and Central America, has announced its launch in 600 Walmart stores including locations in California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Florida. Eva’s ice creams are made in-house by the McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams team at the McConnell’s Family Dairy in Oxnard, California, who have built a 70-year legacy and are known for their uniquely indulgent, made-from-scratch ice creams. 

“Eva’s is about celebrating the Latinx culture of the Central Coast community in California that’s supported us for decades, as well as the personal family traditions and nostalgic flavors of our team members,” said McConnell’s co-owner, and Eva’s namesake, Eva Ein. 

As the head recipe developer at McConnell’s for the last decade, Ein has introduced many Latinx-inspired ice creams to the McConnell’s product line over the years, featuring ingredient combinations and flavor profiles that weren’t commonly found on the grocery freezer shelves. Some of these popular flavors were adapted for Eva’s initial lineup by Ein, in collaboration with the McConnell’s  multicultural, multi-generational, and multi-lingual team.

“I’m excited to share flavors that are new versions of desserts my fellow Latinx team members grew up eating – for example, our Plant Supervisor came up with the idea for our Mangoneada flavor after years of adding Mexican chamoy sauce to McConnell’s Mango Sorbet,” said McConnell’s Plant Manager, Sonia Santos. “We hope that people enjoy Eva's flavors as much as we do.”

Eva’s Helado Artesanal is launching in Walmart with seven flavors (SRP $4.98):

  • Dulce De Leche - A traditional Central and South American recipe of sweetened milk, cooked down to caramel, and swirled into cajeta-infused sweet cream.
  • Mexican Vanilla - A blend of sweet cream and the sweet, floral, warm spiciness of pure, full-flavored Mexican vanilla
  •  Fresas Con Crema - Strawberries and strawberry jam stirred into sweet cream plus an additional swirl of cream
  • Cafe Con Donuts - Coffee ice cream and chunks of cinnamon-spiked donuts
  • Horchata & Churro Swirl - Sweet cream infused with cinnamon, paired with a swirl of churro batter inspired by both Spanish and Mexican recipes
  • Chocolate, Caramel, & Cookies - A traditional alfajor sandwich cookie, transformed. Dark chocolate ice cream, a caramel swirl, and shortbread cookie pieces
  • Mangoneada - A sorbet of fresh mango puree with a tamarind chamoy swirl that is a twist on a refreshing Mexican treat

With Eva’s, the McConnell’s team prides themselves on crafting products that are a celebration of culture and tradition, while remaining price-accessible and never losing their integrity and promise to create the highest quality ice cream, always using the best ingredients possible.

“One of the unique things about McConnell’s, that sets us apart from other brands, is that we not only make our ice creams, but everything that goes into each pint,” said Ein. “For example, we use house-baked cookies in Eva’s Dulce De Leche, fresh donuts in the Cafe Con Donuts, and house-made strawberry jam in Fresas Con Crema. We make every component of our Eva’s ice cream mix in-house, which is the purest expression of our craft.”

About McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams
Founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1949, and now in its third generation of family ownership, McConnell’s uses Central Coast grass-grazed milk & cream and the finest local, sustainable, and organic ingredients from partner farms & purveyors they’ve worked with for decades to make the world’s finest ice creams.