MCT Dairies, Inc., a domestic and international distributor of dairy and related ingredients, located in Chatham, New Jersey, and Vgarden, Israel’s premier manufacturer of vegan dairy, meat and seafood alternatives are proud to announce their collaboration to bring Vgarden’s full range of high-quality vegan products to the U.S. retail, ingredient and foodservice markets.

Vgarden, founded in 2015, has made significant strides in the plant-based food industry. With a customer base spanning Israel, Europe, and Australia, their vegan cheese and meat products have won over notable clients such as Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Papa Johns. Beyond their success in these areas, Vgarden has established itself as an innovator in the plant-based food space, offering a full spectrum of solutions for those looking to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

Particularly impressive is their development of a plant-based tuna that is remarkably similar in taste and texture to real tuna, demonstrating their commitment to creating delicious and sustainable options for all.

“Initially we were not interested in entering the plant-based arena, but once we tasted and met with the Vgarden team, we realized that Vgarden’s clean label recipes are something very special. Their products deliver taste texture and mouthfeel,” said Ken Meyers, CEO of MCT Dairies.

Vgarden is committed to giving consumers exactly what they grew up on and long for – simply in a healthier, environmentally responsible version, free of allergens, cholesterol, and animal components, all without any compromise on the flavor.

“We are excited to join forces with Mr. Meyers and the MCT team,” said Ilan Adut ,CEO of Vgarden. “MCT’s deep roots, strategic position, and pragmatic approach are a great fit to our capabilities and vision. Vgarden’s R&D team is willing to assist in developing products that not only meet the needs of the consumer, but we will work with marketers and food manufacturers to develop special attributes to suit their specific needs, as well.”

With manufacturing sites in Israel and Australia and further plans for expansion, Vgarden is poised for growth.