Rovagnati, the charcuterie company committed to preserving Italian traditions, is thrilled to introduce its latest culinary innovations: the groundbreaking No-Nitrites-Ever Salami Line and the delectable Antipasto Italiano Trio. With a strong focus on providing consumers with exceptional choices, Rovagnati continues to expand its range of premium, nitrite-free cured meats, capturing the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts worldwide. 

"As consumer awareness for high-quality products grows, the demand for healthier alternatives to traditional cold cuts has also increased," says Giovanni Quattrone, CEO of Rovagnati North America. "Our new No-Nitrites-Ever Salami Line reflects our commitment to offering a safe and delicious product that meets the needs of today's discerning consumers." 

Crafted with love and passion at Rovagnati's U.S. factory, the No-Nitrites-Ever Salami Line utilizes selected noble cuts of the finest meat, following a USDA-approved Italian curing and fermentation method. This process enhances the natural development of good mold, essential for the salami's aromatic profile. The long and slow curing ensures a high-quality product that maintains the authentic flavors synonymous with Rovagnati's heritage. 

The new Rovagnati No-Nitrites-Ever Salami Line includes a delightful array of flavors that perfectly blend Italian tradition with U.S. production: 

  • No-Nitrites-Ever Genoa Salami, Hot Soppressata, and Provolone Cheese 
  • No-Nitrites-Ever Genoa Salami, Prosciutto Crudo, and Provolone Cheese 
  • Genoa Salami (Salame Milano): Loved for its mild flavor and delicate aromatic notes 
  • Soppressata (Salame Napoli): Beloved for its savory blend of garlic, spices, and coarse grain. 
  • Hot Soppressata: Renowned for its bold, robust heat and distinctive flavor profile. 
  • Finocchiona: Characterized by the delightful taste of fennel seeds and a medium-firm texture. 

Rovagnati has always been dedicated to ensuring top-tier product and process quality. This commitment is evident in the company's meticulous approach to selecting meats and monitoring the entire supply chain while prioritizing the environment, people, and food safety. 

The new No-Nitrites-Ever salamis, proudly made in the U.S., are the result of innovative technology that removes nitrites of both artificial and natural origins, providing a safe and healthier option for consumers seeking a guilt-free indulgence. Each cut is thoughtfully designed to offer an unforgettable taste experience, showcasing Rovagnati's nearly 80 years of expertise in serving the Italian public. 

Established in Milan, Italy in 1943 by Paolo Rovagnati, the brand remains dedicated to offering a top-quality range of charcuterie that celebrates Italian technical know-how. Rovagnati blends traditional Italian products with innovative flavors and technologies, setting the brand apart in the culinary landscape.